Welcome to the Inshallah community! 

If you are honest, caring and respectful, you will always be welcome. However, if you behave in a malicious, disrespectful or rude manner, we reserve the right to exclude you with or without warning, regardless of whether you are a paying member or not. 

We want every member of the community to feel comfortable within the platform so that we can welcome our brothers and sisters with all the kindness and respect they deserve. This is why our standards apply to each of our members. We ask each and every one of you to respect them whether on or off duty. 

Always be vigilant before approaching a user and keep in mind that we want you to express yourself, just as you would like us to express ourselves with your sisters or brothers.

You will find below a list of our rules to respect. In the event that you transgress them, you risk having your account banned, if it is illegal behaviour it will be reported to the appropriate authorities. If you are a victim of a behavior that does not respect the standards of the community, do not hesitate to report it to us. 

Always modest

Members are given the opportunity to make themselves known and to post their profile and images. Nevertheless, modesty remains a must and the administration of the site will rigorously ensure it : "modesty is a virtue but when it comes to relations between the two sexes, it has more meaning". Sayyidina Omar Ibn Al Khattab

Be modest and only publish appropriate content. No nudity or sexually explicit content in your photos or description.


We take reports of threats, intimidation, unsolicited messages including sexually explicit content very seriously.

No form of insult or attack will be tolerated as they are contrary to the ethics and morals of the site: "I was not sent to insult or curse but rather to be a mercy for all mankind". Hadith


Any violent behavior or content is prohibited on Inshallah. This includes any content that threatens or advocate terrorism. Physical attacks or any other violent acts are prohibited. Content advocating or glorifying suicide, self-mutilation or self-harm is not permitted. 

Hate speech

Any content that promotes, encourages or supports racism, sectarianism, hatred or violence against individuals or groups of people based on factors related to origin, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, age or sexual orientation is prohibited. 

Inshallah.com respects and guarantees the free expression of everyone's thoughts and opinions as long as it does not harm others or disrupt the established order. Thus it would not be acceptable to pass judgment on anyone: "Judgment belongs to Allah". S.12 V.40

Spam, phishing and scams

Do not use Inshallah for fraudulent purposes to mislead users and redirect them to external sites via links or to deceive members and extort personal information for fraudulent and illegal purposes or to promote sexual services.

Honesty and sincerity are the foundation of all relationships. By joining this service, you commit to presenting a true and honest image of yourself, your intentions and your expectations. Do not base your relationships on lies and falsehood: "He who is without words and faith belongs to no religion, and he who is untrustworthy has no faith. Hadith

Report any behaviour that violates these rules:  

In order to do so:

  • From a user's profile, select "Report" at the bottom of the screen. 
  • From the messaging system, go to the relevant discussion and select the three dots in the top right corner and "Report".

Please note that reports are strictly confidential and will not be shared. 

In the event that you do not comply with our terms and conditions or rules of the community, Inshallah has the right to ban your account without refund if it includes a current subscription. This also applies to your interactions outside of the service that involve someone you meet through the service.