Inshallah takes the protection and privacy of its Members very seriously. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform you about how we collect, use and share information that you may provide to us using our Services, accessible from the Application or the Site.

1. The data we collect

In order to operate the Service and to help you interact with other Members, Inshallah collects certain information such as basic profile information or the search filters you set up. Inshallah also collects information related to your use of the Service (connection log, connection with Facebook Connect...). You will find more details about the information collected below.

1.1 The information you give us directly

When you register and create an Account at Inshallah, we collect certain mandatory information about you that allows us to identify you. This includes your email address and password. This information can be changed at any time from the Application settings and is "private". However, other information such as your first name or your photos may be visible to other Members of the Application and is therefore "public". Inshallah collects information related to your registration and your use of the Application.

Registration data :

These data are mandatory to access and register for the Service. Inshallah can retrieve them in two different ways: either the user registers using Facebook Connect, in which case Facebook communicates this data to us, or the user registers with his/her email address and a password, in which case the data is transmitted directly by the user.

This data is mandatory and is collected whether the Member registers via Facebook or by e-mail. Without this data, Inshallah will not be able to provide you with the :

* First name

* E-mail address

* Gender

* Age

* Pictures

* Your date of birth

* Password

When registering, the Member must also provide the following additional mandatory data : 

* Country of origin

* Religious current

* Level of practice

* Declared place

* Marriage horizon

Optional data :

In order to enrich your profile further information can be added. This information is optional and you are free to indicate it or not on the Application. This information can be modified directly from the Application.

Description and questions are free text fields. Be careful not to communicate too personal or sensitive information about yourself that could endanger your privacy.

Data related to interactions with the Application :

In the event that you contact Customer Service, report a Member who does not comply with our GCU or respond to a survey, certain data may be collected.

For a support request, the date, time, Member information and the reason for the request are transmitted to us.

For a report, the date, time, Member information and the reason for the request are sent to us.

For a survey, the survey responses are transmitted to us.

Inshallah has a legal obligation to deal with alerts received concerning Members who do not comply with the GCU.

1.2 Data Automatically Collected by Inshallah

During your use of the Application, Inshallah collects data related to your activity.

* Data related to your activity on the Application

When you use the Service, Inshallah collects and processes information about how you use the Service. The collection of this data is mandatory for the proper functioning of the Application. If Inshallah does not have access to this data, the Service will not function.

These data are, among others, the date of registration to the service, the date and time of last connection, interactions with other Members (Matches, Messages, Likes...), the number of purchases made (Inshallah Premium Membership) etc...

* Declared position

Unlike most market players, and for the sake of confidentiality, Inshallah does not at any time collect the position of the Member's device to operate the Service. Only the declared position is used to operate the Application. This position is visible to the other Members of the Application.

* Messages sent and received by Members

In order to ensure the proper functioning of exchanges between Members, Messages sent and received are stored on Inshallah's servers. These messages are binding only on the Members concerned and are private. They are not shared with third parties, except in special cases where a judicial investigation requires it or when a Member reports undesirable behaviour as part of the moderation of the Application. 

* Your search preferences

When using the Application, the Member can define search filters (age and city) in order to be put in contact with Members who meet his criteria.

* Technical data related to the device

Inshallah collects data related to the devices with which the Member uses the service. This includes the log of connection and usage data, the IP address, model and ID of the Device (if available), the version of the Application, system language, operating system of the Device.

* Purchasing data

Inshallah does not collect any information related to the Member's banking data. This information is managed by the Blinds or the service provider used during the purchase made by the Member. Inshallah only collects technical data (transaction number) necessary for the execution of the service.

2. Use of this data

Inshallah collects this data :

* To administer your Account and access the Service (Legal basis: contract execution)

* Creating, editing or deleting your Account

* Manage your Account settings and parameters

* Go to customer support

* Management of messages sent and received by the Member

* Sending notifications from Inshallah

* Make a purchase

This data processing is necessary for the performance of our contractual obligations. It is essential for the Application to be functional and for the Service to be accessible to the Member in accordance with the GCU.

* To provide you with relevant promotional offers and advertising (Legal basis: legitimate interest)

* Manage offers or discounts

* Sending newsletters by e-mail

* Make marketing and advertising operations outside the Application on third party sites (eg social networks ...)

This data processing is based on our legitimate interest. It enables Inshallah to provide you with relevant information and the best offers. You can unsubscribe from our e-mails at any time by clicking on "Unsubscribe" at the bottom of each e-mail. You may oppose the sharing of your data with third party sites by contacting us as indicated in Article 12.

* To improve our Services, conduct technical operations, identify security issues (Legal basis: legitimate interest)

* Create statistics and analyze Members' use of our Services

* Develop new functionalities based on user behaviours

* Identify problems and behaviours that affect the security of the Services

* Bug research and analysis

* Create satisfaction surveys

This data processing is based on our legitimate interest. It allows Inshallah to ensure the security of our Services and to improve them.

* To comply with legal requirements, fight against illegal activities or activities that do not respect the GCU (Legal basis: Legal obligation)

* Dealing with reports of fraudulent or undesirable behaviour made by Members

* Automatically analyze a Member's profile or activity data in order to detect fraudulent behavior.

* Identify or prevent fraudulent activities

* Processing applications for the exercise of rights

This data processing is based on Inshallah's legal obligation to moderate and remove illegal content as soon as it becomes aware of it and to respond to requests to exercise rights.

3. Sharing this data

When using the Application, some of your information is transmitted to other Members through your profile (photos, description, first name, age, city, questions). A Member who has configured his search filters with criteria (gender, age, city) corresponding to your profile will be likely to see your information.

We may share personal data with third party companies in accordance with the Privacy Policy. These companies help us operate our Services. This includes :

* Hosting of the Application data

* Customer support and reporting management

* Detecting and anticipating fraud

* Advertising to Members and potential users

* Statistics related to the use of the Application

* How the Application works

We also share our Members' data when we are legally obligated to do so to respond to any claims and comply with any legal requests.

In the event that we sell or buy a business or assets, we may share your personal information with the potential buyer or seller of the business or assets. In the event Inshallah is acquired by a third party, the data will be transferred to the new owner.

4. Your Rights

Under the European Data Protection Act, each Inshallah Member has a number of rights regarding its data. These are listed below :

* The right to be informed allows the Member to be aware of the personal data collected and processed by the Service (see Article 2 and Article 3).

* The right of access allows the Member to access personal data concerning him/her, with the exception of data from third parties (e.g. messages received...), in an accessible form. To do so, the Member may make a request to our Customer Service.

* The right of rectification allows the Member to modify or delete the personal data concerning him/her if he/she considers that they are erroneous, out of date or need to be updated. Some of these data are directly modifiable from the Member's Account on the Application or from his Facebook Account, if he registered with Facebook Connect when creating his Account. For the data that cannot be modified from the Application, the Member can make a request to our Customer Service.

* The right of deletion allows the Member to delete their personal data. To do so, the Member can delete his Account directly from his Account on the Application. This has the effect of deleting the Account on the Application. However, for legal reasons, Inshallah keeps the Member's data for 1 year to respond to any legal requisition. At the end of this period, the Member's data is definitively deleted.

* The right to restrict processing allows the Member, under certain circumstances, to limit the processing of its personal data.

* The right to data portability allows the Member to request a copy of its data in a commonly used and machine-readable form so that it can be transferred to another supplier.

* The right to object allows the Member, under certain conditions (including where the data are processed on the basis of legitimate interests or for prospecting purposes), to object to the processing of its data.

For your protection and that of our Members, we may request proof of identity in order to be able to respond to the above requests. In the case of certain requests related to the refusal of the processing of personal information, we may not be able to access it, in particular when it no longer allows us to offer you the Service. For example, you cannot access the Service without a date of birth or e-mail.

If the Member wishes to exercise any of the above rights, he or she may contact us, provided he or she can prove his or her identity, by sending us an e-mail at or by filling out a request at the following address:

5. How long do we keep your data

Inshallah keeps a Member's personal data for the entire period of time that the Member uses the Account.

A Member's personal data is deleted :

* When the Member's Account is inactive for a period of 3 years. An Account is considered inactive when the Member has not established any connection with the Inshallah server.

* When the Member deletes his Account. However, for legal reasons and in order to be able to respond to any judicial requisition, the Account data is kept for a period of 1 year from the date of the deletion request, before it is completely deleted.

A Member's personal data may, however, be retained to provide proof of our compliance with legislation, in the event of an unresolved claim or dispute that requires us to retain such data until it is resolved, or in the event of proven fraud, in order to improve the security of other Members and in our legitimate interest.

6. Policy regarding minors

The use of the Application is strictly reserved for persons aged 18 years or older. Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to use the Service and Inshallah does not collect any information from minors. If a Member appears to be under the minimum age, please notify us by posting their profile or by contacting us from Customer Service. Inshallah undertakes to delete the personal data of any underage person as soon as possible.

7. Data transfer outside the EU

In the majority of cases, Inshallah stores the personal data of its Members within the European Union. However, it is possible that some of our service providers may be located in countries outside the European Union, in which case some of the Members' personal data is transferred to them. This includes personal data relating to customer service management, moderation and reporting and marketing.

The transfer of these data is governed by standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission. Inshallah ensures that such data transfers are made in compliance with the regulations in force and with an adequate level of protection to ensure the privacy of its Members.

8. Changes to the Privacy Policy

From time to time, Inshallah may change this Privacy Policy. If so, we will notify you if significant changes are made so that you can review them.

9. Cookies

To learn more about how we handle cookies, you can read our Cookie Policy.

10. Security

Inshallah takes all necessary measures to ensure the security of its Members' personal data and to prevent any unauthorized access, destruction or alteration of data. However, while we make every effort to secure such data, we cannot guarantee the perfect security of your information. We monitor and update our systems regularly to prevent security breaches. Inshallah may suspend a Member's Account, without notice, if a security breach is detected.

11. How to contact us

If you have any questions about the Privacy Policy or any issue related to your personal data, you can contact us :

By mail data protection officer

Version of 06/04/2020