Inshallah is an exchange service that aims to facilitate Muslims in their search for their soul mate in accordance with the human and moral values of Islam.    

This community aspect of the site should not be seen as any form of communitarianism because, although firmly rooted in our identity, we are all the more open to others and invite them to come to meet and exchange while remaining themselves.

"Allah does not forbid you to be kind and fair to those non-Muslims who have neither persecuted you in your faith or driven you out from your homes, Allah loves the fair. "S.60 V.8

The exchange between different sexes, generations and races is part of the reasons for divine creation even if it does not automatically lead to marriage. It can be the fruit of fraternal and cultural sharing.

"O you men, We have created you from a man and a woman, divided into nations and tribes so that you may know each other. S.49 V.13

Our commitments, our responsibilities.

In implementing this project we have above all the wish that it may be accepted by our Lord, his noble messenger and be useful for our community: "Say : Work and know that Allah will see your works and his messenger and the believers. ». S.9 V.105

This project is as noble as it is delicate. Its nobility comes from the word of Allah: "O you men, we have created you from a man and a woman, divided into nations and tribes so that you may know each other. S.49 V.13

But it is also delicate insofar as, without an Islamic framework, it risks in the long run to deviate and to differentiate itself from other dating services only by name. Therefore, it is imperative to live up to its name, because Inshallah refers to the notion of absolute power, without which nothing can succeed. Moreover, the name is a strong symbol of belonging to Islam.

That is why we must respond with all the necessary rigour to the demands of Islam in the area of encounter between the two sexes: we say yes to encounter, no to perversity, yes to exchange and dialogue, no to immorality in all its forms.

Moreover, the large number of people who attend the service undeniably places us in a position of responsibility before the community, our faith and our Lord, for as our master, the beloved Prophet (pbuh), points out so well: "One who has ten or so people in his audience will be considered by Allah as a guide who will have to give an account. "Hadith, and the guides there are two of them, that of the good and that of its opposite. Of some, the Lord said: "We have appointed from among them leaders who guide people by Our command for as long as they endure. S.32 V.24 and for others the Lord said: "And We made them guides who call to the furnace and on the last day they will not be helped". S.28 V.41

As an administrator, it should not be enough for us simply to encourage the meeting of the sexes, which is imperative, it must be stressed, but we must know how to supervise this meeting to prevent it from becoming perverted. Our duty is to support those concerned so that, inshallah, they can know the outcome.

This is the nobility of the task, it is a question of morality and Islamic belonging beyond the search for fame or funds.